Botanical Amethyst Crescent Moon Rune Talisman

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Handmade from pure sterling silver, this pendant features botanical leaf details, and a faceted, crescent moon amethyst nestled into a crown setting. The backplate is hand-stamped the rune Uruz, but another rune can be used or none at all.

Amethyst has long been known to soothe and strengthen the wearer, grounding and promoting personal power, protection, and healing. It purifies the negative and increases one's mental clarity, inner peace, and psychic/spiritual abilities. As each stone is hand-cut, and the inner edge of the moon may have some chipping.

The rune Uruz is used for healing, health, wisdom, strength, and energy, making this talisman the perfect piece for personal growth and healing.

Includes a sterling silver chain.

CAN ALSO BE CREATED AS A RING UPON REQUEST. Choose the Ring option and leave your size in the notes at checkout.

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