Pre-Order: Hekate's Serpent - Sterling Snake & Prehnite Pendant

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Handcrafted from pure sterling silver, this pendant represents the goddess Hekate's serpent. Serpents are known as powerful and wise symbols of rebirth and magick. This beauty is cast from sterling and slithers through pale green, prehnite jewels and botanical leaves of the forest floor. The prehnite gemstones may even represent a clutch of eggs, another symbol of birth and creation, but that is for you to decide. This piece includes a sterling chain.

Prehnite is used to promote acceptance; be that of the self, of unpleasant truths or situations. It can aid in alleviating nightmares and unrest during difficult times. It is the perfect stone for facing difficult situations, learning to accept them, and to understand the silver lining behind them. It can also aid in removing any lingering negative emotions or energy associated with the situation. 
Prehnite is also used to balance the heart and solar plexus chakras.

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