Bow to None – Shadowbox Locket

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As soon as I held this quartz tablet in my hands, I knew I had to create a shadowbox pendant, but the thought of trapping the box's contents within felt like a disservice. A locket design was the only acceptable solution.

Roses and snakes are two of my favorite design elements, and I love the juxtaposition of the powerful serpent against the timeless, delicate rose. This rose is especially precious, as it is hand-sculpted from fine silver (.999) and hand-plated in 24k gold, using the keum boo technique. Tiny silver leaves float amongst these symbols in a sea of black enamel.

The baseplate is hand-stamped with “I will not bow to thee.”, the serpent's reminder that no matter your stature or means, you lower yourself to no one. The well, bail, and bezel feature textured details; with tapered crown wire encircling the most beautiful quartz crystal tablet I have ever owned! Teardrop-shaped and thickly faceted, it has just enough inclusions to resemble crackled ice, yet clarity to view the locket's beauty within. Quartz crystal is considered a master healer and a neutralizer of negative energy. It also pairs well with any other crystal, further amplifying the other's properties. Topping the body of the locket, just below the bail, is a 4mm amethyst cabochon. Amethyst is considered to be one of the most protective crystals, and is amplified by the quartz, making this a talisman of power, protection, empowerment and beauty.

This talisman is perfect for anyone who may need a reminder of just how fierce they really are.

The locket measures approximately 1.5” tall, 0.75” at the widest point, and has a 2mm deep well. It isn't too heavy, and includes a sturdy sterling chain.

This item is completely one-of-a-kind and cannot be reproduced.

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