La Dame Blanche Necklace

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La Dame Blanche.. The White Witch. The false identity that provides Claire with as much grief as protection. Who could forget Claire's friendship with Maître Raymond and that fateful scene in King's private chambers?

This necklace was inspired by the poison-detecting bauble gifted to protect Claire from another attempt on her life by the sniveling Comte St. Germain. It is crafted from a quartz crystal druzy with a very light angel aura effect, and is hand-painted to appear as if it is turning black. Always keep your eye on your cup, ladies! The crystal is set into a brass bezel with openwork fleur-de-lis details. The back is stamped with King Louis XV's cheeky accusation:

"I can see why they call you La Dame Blanche."

Includes either a sterling silver chain or creme colored ribbon, please leave your choice in the notes at checkout.

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