Ritual Uncrossing Dime Locket - Fully Customizable

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This locket is an easy and beautiful way to carry a dime anointed with uncrossing oil with you at all times and is endlessly customizable. Carrying a dime anointed with uncrossing oil can be a little messy, especially if you are a woman without pockets (into the bra it goes) but this locket effortlessly solves this dilemma. 

This locket is entirely hand-fabricated from pure sterling silver and features a hinge, snap-clasp, and sturdy bail that also functions as a handle for opening the locket's latch. This locket is sized specifically to house at least one anointed dime, though at least two can fit.

This locket has unlimited customization possibilities, from designs, to gemstones, inscriptions, even runes! You are only limited by your imagination, and this locket is an example of the functionality of this piece. Simply checkout and I will contact you to begin the design process, OR, reach out before your purchase and we can discuss options!

Ritual uncrossing oil is used for everything from removing curses, hexes, jinxes, and crossings, to simply warding off seriously bad vibes and negative energy. Traditionally, uncrossing oil is used to dress a white candle to be burned, or it is rubbed on a dime that is carried on your person at all times. I will also soon offer a ring vessel that can be filled with a variety of ritual oils, but if you prefer to carrying the traditional dime, this talisman is for you!

In the locket pictured, I used amethyst because this semi-precious gemstone is used to dispel negativity and negative emotions, as well as provide emotional balance to the wearer. You are not limited to amethyst, almost any gemstone can be used.

Choose between a locket with a semi-precious gemstone or without a gemstone. If you would like to have a precious gemstone set into your piece, please reach out beforehand to ensure that this is possible and to discuss cost, as the price will change with the cost of the gem.

This piece includes a sterling chain.

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