The Spider's Dew Drop Ring

The Spider's Dew Drop Ring

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I began this ring simply with a desire to see if I could craft a wee spider playing upon its ring of webs. I knew that it would have a gemstone abdomen, and settled upon garnet for its properties. This piece is crafted entirely from sterling silver wires, manipulated to form a sturdy ring of webs and a wee spooder, playing with a tiny zirconia dew drop she found upon a strand one morning. This little droplet is set into fine silver.

Garnet is highly invigorating, grounding, and centering. It represents "primordial fire" and is also used to spark love and passion. It is also a highly protective semi-precious gemstone.

It is believed that a spider crossing your path at home is a representation of good fortune and luck to come, but to squash that spider is to also squash that fortune. Whether you believe in this or not, please kindly capture and release our eight-legged friends outside when they happen into your home!

This ring is a size 6.75, it will fit 6.5 comfortably, and 7 slightly snugly. If you would like this item made in another size or gemstone, please ask! Though it will not be exactly the same due to its handmade nature, it will be as close as possible.

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