All the Comforts of Home - The Hobbit Locket

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"Yet feet that wandering have gone, turn at last to home after.."

The second in what is slowly becoming a collection of Hobbit Hole lockets, this iteration is even more meticulously crafted than the previous. Entirely hand-forged from sterling and fine silvers, and 10 karat gold accents, every detail was created. I spent hours studying blurry scenes from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, paused at any little glimpse of the interior of Bilbo's home. Within, I found tree root beams, a rug, table, railings, chests, and his mother's glory box. Working on such a small scale required the use of textures and shaping to provide depth and construct to the details.

The door is crafted from fine .999 silver, textured with wood, hand-studded with sterling granules, and etched with Gandalf's 'G' rune (which looks just like Fehu, the rune for wealth and luck). It boasts a 10 karat gold door knob, and is connected to the hinge and clasp. The interior of the door features a hand-pierced reversed design of the ironwork interior of Bilbo's door. The well of the locket was crafted with very thick dome wire to create a ring band to house the locket's interior, which features the aforementioned furniture and details. The tree root beams were hand-formed with fine silver clay to mimic the root work that could actually be seen in the films, (naturally with a bit of guess work to fill in the visual gaps created by characters in the doorway). Inside the locket you will find a tiny, fine silver replica of Gandalf the Grey's wizard hat, hand-sculpted in fine silver clay. I loved the idea of this being a free-floating detail, as if it were moving about with each of Gandalf's visits to Bag End. Perhaps my favorite detail, is the absolutely teeny One Ring, hand-formed in 10 karat gold, sitting atop the glory box, awaiting the next adventure. The back of the locket bears the quote above, hand-stamped whimsically into the base plate, and a leafy, sterling silver bale provides a solid point of connection for a chain so that you can take the comforts of home with you on your next journey!

A sterling silver chain is included with a length of 18". Should you prefer a different length, please leave a note at checkout.

Locket measures .75" wide, and just under 1.25" from the top of the bale to the bottom of the locket. It is 5/16" thick. It's width is approximately the same as a nickel.

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