Breathe Darling – Empowerment Locket

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I had two goals when I began designing this locket; to utilize the clarity of this beautiful, hexagonal quartz, and to serve as a reminder to the stong-hearted to dig deep and keep going.

This piece is handcrafted entirely from sterling silver (.925), except for the fine silver (.999) sw0rd hidden within. It features lots of textured details along the well and bezel, and dainty leaves sprinkled amongst the gold accents. The locket's well contains a gentle nudge to take a moment to “breathe, darling”, and a tiny sw0rd (both hand-plated in 24k gold) so that you remember that the words you speak to yourself are mightier than any weap0n, so be kind. The inside of the locket well measures 3mm in depth, and its hinge and clasp give a solid fit for the lid, to hold in whatever other tiny treasures you may tuck away inside!

The quartz hexagon set into the lid is reminiscent of crackled ice, providing just enough cover so as to not give away the locket's secrets, but just enough clarity to tempt the curiosity of those who may catch a glimpse. Quartz crystal is considered a master healer and a neutralizer of negative energy. It also pairs well with any other crystal, further amplifying the other's properties.

This locket measures approximately 1” from corner to corner, and just under 1” from side to side. It is very light, and includes a sturdy, sterling chain.

Typos have been intentionally included in this listing to avoid being mistakenly mis-categorized by IG's system, which seems to happen any time p0inty things are mentioned.

One more hexagon quartz is available should you like to commission a locket of your own design!

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