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This listing is for a commission of this item, as it is handmade, it will have slight differences and will not be an exact copy of the pictured locket. If you would like to change certain elements, please leave a note at checkout or send a message!

“The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.” - JRR Tolkien 🗡
This locket is one of the most meticulous items I have ever crafted. It features Bilbo Baggins’ front door, hand formed and textured in fine silver, with Gandalf’s rune etched into the rune, a sterling ivy leaf, and a 12k gold doorknob. The inside of the door is sterling silver and has a hand-cut pattern which is the same as the inside of Bilbo’s door in the film. The door opens to an all-silver view of the shire, and I am well aware that I shouldn’t have the locket’s external door be Bilbo’s external door AND have the inside view be the shire, but I wanted it both ways, so that’s that!
The well of the locket is crafted from a ring I've forged specifically for this item. A ring within a ring! This is where you may look inside the locket to a teeny-tiny 12k gold ring, sitting on the hole door, as if waiting to capture its next bearer. A fine silver sword sits in the doorway’s frame, a view of the shire beyond.
The shire was created using a variety of silver gauges, texturing techniques, and hand-painted enameling. The locket snaps closed with a sturdy clasp, with a thistle loop bale, and leafy details around the well. The back is hand stamped with Tolkien’s quote above, off-kilter, to remind the ring bearer to always view the world through the whimsical eyes of a halfling, and to take on every adventure that comes calling.
(Just remember to pack your pocket handkerchief, it’s a long journey.)

I spent an entire week on this piece, and the price will reflect the labor, effort, and materials. Should you wish to commission a similar piece, come sit by the hearth and send a DM/Email to chat, I’d love to whip up something inspired! 🌿✨

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