Garnet Bat Totem Locket - Pre-Order

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Your bat will look very similar to this, but with a slightly different garnet and tiny variations in the silver work. An extremely limited number of pre-orders will be available for this piece!

This bitty bat be little but mighty.. mighty adorable!
This bat is hand-crafted entirely from sterling silver and is completely hand-cut and polished. This piece features two fully-functioning hinges so that his wings may be opened and closed, and a clasp behind the top wing. Once his wings are opened, a heart bearing a smooth, garnet gem can be found at the center of his chest. The back of this locket features a loop for the (included) chain, and both the hallmarks for 925 sterling, and Beyond the Crystal Veil.

Garnet is said to be a talisman of protection and unyielding strength, increasing willpower and resistance to all things negative. It is associated with the First Chakra.
Bats are regarded as positive totems, representing good luck, and an intense intuitive ability. As a Native American animal symbol, the Bat is a guide through the darkness. It releases us from our old self and opens the doors for something new and healing.

Choose the length of your chain, it is recommended to keep the length between 16"-20".

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