Give Me the Moon – Moonstone Locket

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A fully-functioning, moon-shaped locket has long sat high on my list of dream designs, and I am thrilled by what I've created with this one!

This piece is crafted entirely from sterling silver (.925). The well is crafted from a beautifully patterned thistle band and contains a wee star to get you started. A stunning, crescent moon-shaped, true rainbow moonstone sets nestled into an ornate bezel. The hinge sits above, the clasp below, and a beaded bail set across the top allows the locket to both open fully, and sit flush against its bearer's skin. Due to the complexity of the closure, the lid does not sit completely flush against the well's edge, but will secure tiny treasures not at risk of slipping through the width of a pin.

Associated with the moon, the ocean's tides, and the tides of female-kind, rainbow moonstone helps to bring harmony to all areas relating to the female experience. It is believed to be connected to the Divine Feminine, heightening our natural intuition, and serving as a source of protection, encouraging us to tap into our sense of hope, love, and the lunar Goddesses.

This locket measures approximately 0.75” tall, 0.5” wide, and is very light. It includes a sturdy, sterling silver chain.

This locket can be commissioned in moons of other gemstones.


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