Gothic Amethyst Reliquary - Chevron Amethyst & Sterling Silver

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This one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted with a special chevron amethyst I hand-selected at my very first gem show years ago. I’ve held onto it waiting for the perfect design in which to incorporate it.

Handforged entirely from sterling silver, this piece features elegant, gothic Victorian-inspired details and textures, including a special crown setting to showcase a stunning, faceted, chevron amethyst. Clear striations are the hallmark of chevron amethyst so the back panel has been left unfinished to allow the color play to really show. For this reason it is recommended that you store this piece sealed with the included anti-tarnish paper when not worn. This piece will be packaged in the amethyst’s original box.

Amethyst has long been known to soothe and strengthen the wearer, grounding and promoting personal power, protection, and healing. It purifies the negative and increases one's mental clarity, inner peace, and psychic/spiritual abilities.

Includes a sterling chain.

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