I Survived - Traveler Stone Statement Necklace

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This piece is a mixture of elements from the series. I've had this labradorite in my collection for a few years and when I first saw Claire with the Traveler's Stone, it looked a lot like a labradorite to me. (We find out later that it's an opal, but an opal that size isn't going to be within any of our budgets!) This labradorite is a shimmering rainbow of teals and greens. It's set in a half thistle bezel and nestles into a cluster of oak leaves, which reminded me of the moment when Claire found the stone hidden among leaves beneath a fallen tree during their early days in North Carolina. The back is tediously hand-stamped with one of my favorite quotes that follows what is easily Claire's most horrific experience:

"No. I've been beaten and I've been betrayed and I've been imprisoned and I did not.. I SURVIVED. And this! I am supposed to be shattered by this? Well I won't be. I won't!"

This necklace is dedicated to those who travel through life with true courage and a determination to thrive. You are seen, and you are loved.

Includes a sterling chain, leave your preferred length in the notes at checkout.


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