Opal Rune Talismans

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These gorgeous opals have lots of blue, green, and multi-color shimmer to them and are set in pure sterling silver with one of two runes stamped into the back; suspended from a sterling chain.

Opal corresponds with optimism, light, and an overall lust for life.

Choose the rune that best suits your needs. One opal is available for a custom rune, just ask!
Sowilo ᛋ: Clarity, the light of the sun illuminating the darkness and unknown, life force, health, success, and finding the light hidden within the dark. Illumination and understanding of our shadow self.
Algiz ᛉ: One of the most powerful runes of protection, defense, and restrained power to ward off negative energy and evil. A shield. Godly connection to awaken one's higher self.

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