Red Roses - Fine Silver & Garnet

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Roses have long been my favorite flower. They are timeless and beautiful, and come in a vast array of colors with associated meanings. Red roses, as simple as they may be, are perhaps my favorite (surpassed only by red-tipped white roses), and there is nothing quite so beautiful as the shimmering crimson of a rose petal in the sun. For every sentiment, there is a rose to represent it.

Red roses are perhaps the most well-loved color of all the roses. They represent deep love, passion, and desire. Legend says they were created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Garnet is highly invigorating, grounding, and centering. It is the stone of passion, representing "primordial fire" and used to spark the love of others. It is also a highly protective semi-precious gemstone.

This pendant is handcrafted from fine silver .999 and sterling silver .925. It features faceted garnet set into sterling and flanked with two hand-formed fine silver rose blooms. Includes a sterling chain.

This design available in other gemstones, just ask!

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