Runic Empowerment Talisman - Amazonite

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Considered the Stone of Courage and associated with the Amazonian warriors, Amazonite is a beautiful gem used to temper aggression, still disquiet, and calm, allowing the wearer to move beyond fear to find harmony and balance. Each high-quality, faceted gem is nestled into a crown setting.

The back is hand-stamped with a bindrune comprised of three runes that I have found to be the most useful during this time:

-Fehu ᚩ: to obtain wealth (not only monetary) and move towards a positive new beginning.

-Uruz ᚢ: for health and strengthening during periods of change.

-Hagalaz ᚺ: representing a period of struggle that resulting in harmony and growth.

Each pendant includes a dainty chain.

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