The Savage Wild

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Crafted entirely from sterling silver, this piece is inspired by the deer, often depicted as the spirit of the forest. The stag's head is a rose-cut, fiery blue moonstone, set into a spike bezel. Its ears are a pair of cast leaves, with miniature cast antlers, and mushrooms sprouting from either side. Mushrooms can be both beneficial or poisonous, depending on the variety; an occurrence of contradiction that can be found throughout the wild forests. Sterling granules; a second moonstone; and tiny, faceted onyx gems sparkle amongst the antlers; enticing yet warning.

Includes a sterling chain.

Rainbow moonstone, so named for its celestial appearance, is a stone with feminine energy and is often used to deflect negative energy, ease emotional trauma, and balance masculine and feminine energies within both men and women. It is also said to clear the mind, and aid in peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming, depending on the wearer's needs.

Black onyx is said to absorb and transform negative energy, as well as prevent personal energy drain. It helps to provide strength during times of trouble and grief as well.

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