Serpens Cuff

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Serpents and kyanite wrapped about the wrist to guide you through your darkest days, toward the path to your strongest self. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this adjustable cuff features coiled serpents slithering away from a rose-cut teal moss agate set into a smooth bezel, all atop a gothic-inspired floral cuff band. Band is thick and sturdy, blackened and polished to reveal rich detail.

Cuff arrives sized to 2+1/8" wide and 1+1/4" thick, and can be adjusted to a max of about 2.5" wide, and max thickness of 1.5".

Serpents are known as powerful and wise symbols of protection, rebirth and magick.
Kyanite aids in resolving disputes or disagreements; inspiring loyalty, fairness, harmony, and diplomacy to balance energies and encourage the repair of damaged relationships. It promotes communication and self-expression to allow one to speak one's truth. It also helps to break cycles of self-destruction and bad habits to promote self-empowerment and allow one to take control of their path. Kyanite inspires introspection in the wearer to allow them to identify those positive aspects that may be hidden and to overcome one's defeatist mentality. It is an incredibly empowering stone.