Will Do Tricks for Treats Dog Bandana

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Handmade from high-quality quilting cotton, lined, and machine stitched by me, this bandana is of quality you won’t find in the pet store! It features metallic gold foil style vinyl lettering that is heat-set into the fabric. (The print will be fully right-side up, the pictured bandana was a demo!)

Please hand-wash this item in cool water and lay flat to dry to prolong the life of the foil vinyl as heat can cause the adhesive to melt and lift. Do not wring dry, low iron only, use a sheet of paper over the vinyl to protect it if ironing over it is absolutely necessary.

 Small: Fits up to 13”
 Medium: Fits up to 18”
Large: Fits up to 22”

 If you are unsure whether it will be large enough, size up! Measuring the inside circumference of your  pup’s collar and adding an inch or two for comfort (or fur) is also a good way to tell!

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