This is the Elder Futhark, a Proto-Norse runic alphabet. The Elder Futhark predates the Younger Futhark, which are the actual Viking runes. The Elder Futhark contains more "letters" than the Younger and is more widely referenced today.

Runes can have MANY meanings, and there are many sources of this information. Choose a rune that supports what you want to achieve or areas where you are struggling and need support. The runes can serve to strengthen existing qualities, help you to introduce new ones, or to remove those that no longer serve you. Ultimately, you should decide based on your intuition.



Fehu: Freyja's rune: Power and control to obtain and maintain luck and wealth, or a positive new beginning.

Uruz: Power in healing; for energy, health, strength, and wisdom especially during times of unexpected change.

Thurisaz: Thor's rune: Protection, ability to avoid conflict, defense against adversaries, regeneration and purging.

Ansuz: Odin's rune: Prosperity, vitality and wisdom, the divine breath of all life and creation.

Raidho: Journey, both physically and in life path, ability to focus to achieve goals and obtain stability. Capability to see the correct decision and the ability to decide concretely upon it.

Kenaz: Loki's rune: Creativity, knowledge, clarity, harnessing your power and inner light to create your own reality. Fire of Life. This is the rune for any artist who uses fire to create.

Gebo: Connection created through giving, be it a material gift or the gift of life (giving birth). Balance achieved through a mutual exchange in relationships and partnerships.

Wunjo: Balance even in chaos, fellowship, imminent coming of joy and prosperity.

Hagalaz: A trial period of struggle that ultimately turns to ease and inner harmony upon completion. Perfect for traversing difficult periods of life likely to result in personal growth.

Nauthiz: Overcoming restrictions via strength, self-reliance, determination, patience, and endurance. Recognizing the need for change and initiating it by facing your fears.

Isa: Represents a mental block that requires one to look inward to overcome. Psychological trauma that needs to be addressed and healed.

Jera: Harvest, be that in agriculture, or reaping the rewards of hard work. Cycle of life. Expectation of peace, prosperity, and success. Creating a new cycle.

Eihwaz: For driving force, strength, endurance, and motivation to achieve. For every end there is also a new beginning.

Perthro: Memory and problem-solving. A reminder of life's uncertainties, the circumstances that govern them, and our free will to overcome them. Perthro also means "cup" and relates to feminine matters and fertility, which is also an uncertainty beyond our absolute control.

Algiz (Elhaz): One of the most powerful runes of protection, defense, and restrained power to ward off negative energy and evil. A shield. Godly connection to awaken one's higher self.

Sowilo: Clarity, the light of the sun illuminating the darkness and unknown, life force, health, success, and finding the light hidden within the dark. Illumination and understanding of our shadow self.

Tiwaz: Tyr's rune: Honor when one is just. Leadership, authority, success through integrity and personal sacrifice, understanding one's true strength.

Berkano: Birth and new beginnings, fertility, renewal, regeneration, healing and mental, physical, and personal growth. Represents a planted seed sprouting into a tree.

Ehwaz: Movement and change for the better, harmony, trust, loyalty, partnership, and success through steady work and accepting the natural flow.

Mannaz: The Self and awareness. Achieving your absolute potential, the shared experience of humanity, everything to do with inter-personal and social relations. Intelligence, skill, forethought.

Laguz: Water, going with the flow, following your path even through fear and the unknown. Life energy, healing and renewal.

Inguz/Ingwaz: for internal growth, personal development, protection and security, driving light. Protection of house, home, and family.

Dagaz: for hope, happiness, clarity, awakening, and light (dag meaning day). Stability between light and dark/day and night, the power and will to change, transform and grow.

Othala: Wealth of family, friendship, culture, heritage, ancestry, and inheritance/legacy. Familial safety and abundance. 
(Note: This rune does NOT mean "white power", it has been corrupted by hateful groups and twisted to suit their ignorant values. This rune can be lovingly applied to all peoples, no matter their race, culture, creed, etc.)