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Black Magick is a very special color option that produces a black candle that burns red when lit and releases beautiful iridescent sparkles! No actual black magic was used in the creation of this candle.

These beautiful candles are entirely handmade from soy wax and specially blended fragrance oils and contain 1-2 pieces of premium, drilled quartz crystal that can be reused once removed from its waxen holdings. Every candle is hand-mixed and poured, and infused with cleansed, positively-charged quartz crystal points. These candles contain cotton wicks and absolutely no paraffin, toxic chemicals, or animal by-products. These candles are clean-burning and produce no soot.

Large is 6" tall and nearly 3" wide.
Small is 3.5" tall and 2x3" wide.

-Season of the Witch: "Season of the Witch" is a heavenly scent that screams power and sensuality. It posses slightly sweet, musky notes of violet and patchouli (not earthy), geranium, and just the tiniest hints of warm vanilla and clove. If "Black Cat" is a slinky black dress and a night out on the town, then "Witch" would be butt-naked, dead of night, drawing down the moon, and breaking hearts! Smells fantastic paired with Cakes + Wine.

-Incantation: "Incantation" is a fragrance that simply must be experienced. This is what falling in love smells like: deeply, passionately in love. Sensual, sexy, primal, pinned against the wall, covered in fervent kisses, absolutely wrapped up in love. This is a slightly -very slightly- sweet scent, complex, with a hint of something ancient and powerful, and the tiniest undertones of mulled fruit and citrus peel. Musky in the sexiest way possible, with a warm combination of patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh, and vetiver that will pull you into the most alluring and charged spell you've ever been under!

-Dark Amethyst: A gorgeous, sensual and feminine scent with notes of Italian bergamot, vetiver, sandalwood, camellias and lily, among others to create a sweetly musky fragrance that is very light on the floral notes and heavy on the seduction. This scent is definitely not for the faint of heart!

-Antheia: Named after the Greek goddess of flowers, this is a high, clear, strong white jasmine.

-Ôstara: The German goddess of Spring, is the perfect name for the elusive Spring-blooming lilac. Some of my fondest childhood memories include the scent of rain on fresh lilac blossoms!

-Áine: The Irish goddess of love and Summer seems perfect for the summer-blooming, jasmine-like gardenia flower.

-Cakes and Wine: Cakes and Wine is a communion ritual that began with the ancient Pagans and has been passed down through many religions and faiths. Also called The Great Ritual, it represents a total merging of the God and Goddess, energy and identity, and the Union of the Whole. It is a celebration of life, unity, and rebalances those parts of life that have lost harmony. This candle is berry violet and contains amethyst, high is often used to restore balance and bring about emotional stability and inner strength, which allows the opportunity for the body to re-harmonize itself. This scent is bursting with fresh, ripe, sweet black currants with just a hint of earthy, herbal notes. Seriously delicious, relaxing, and invigorating!

-Black Cat: This scent is sensual, enticing, downright intoxicating, and definitely not for the faint of heart! Slinky, mysterious, and a little dangerous, the black cat stalks her prey, waiting patiently for him to drop his guard. Clad in silky black, the scent of her sleek, ebony hair wafts through the night air, announcing her presence. Her moment has arrived, she slips silently in for the attack. She pounces and her prey submits.
I just cannot emphasize how incredible this fragrance really is! It also pairs beautifully with Seance in the Garden and has intense scent throw. You don't even need to burn this one! Comes in black, and is also available in Black Magick color option.

-Spirit (Unscented): Want the look and properties of a crystal-infused, crystal candle but are too sensitive to scent? Not a problem! Choose Spirit and nix the fragrance!

-Oracle: This is a sweet, herbal mint and is absolutely intoxicating. It is a bright blend of mint with a slight herbal finish, and is a clear kick to the sixth sense! It has a strong hot and cold throw and is great to burn any time you require invigoration. At the same time, it is also very relaxing! You can even set out this scent unburned and reset your nose if you start to become acclimated to other scents.

-Nymph: This is a truly beautiful scent! Playful like a forest nymph, it is a bright, fresh, sweet, lightly woody, herbal, slightly fruity scent that is highly reminiscent of the great Redwoods. This scent has a light hot throw, and a somewhat stronger cold throw. Burn in close proximity though, and you won't be disappointed!

-Seance in the Garden: An impenetrable fog rolls into the lush, London garden as a group of elegantly-clad Victorian ladies sits hand-in-hand around an intricately carved table. Deep jasmine, green citrus mingle with ylang ylang and ozone as the Medium takes her place. The fog swirls as it sweeps over the earthy moss beneath their feet, revealing a deep sense of the unknown, that is all too familiar. Wonderfully fragrant scent, not perfumey or overbearing, just the right amount of botanicals. Strong hot and cold throw.

-Trick Or Treat: You've been trick-or-treating for hours and with a full sack of Halloween loot, you arrive home excited to dig in. As you open the bag, the mixed scent of dozens of sweets rushes toward you and the scent is blissful, but not overly potent. Chocolates, hard candies, sweet gum, vanilla rolls, and- is that an apple? How did that get in there?- mingle with subtle herbal undertones to form a scent that truly embodies that sacred Halloween candy scent. Sort them out, trade with your friends, and dig in, yum! (Okay, but seriously, don't eat this.)

-Vintage Halloween: This is the scent of my favorite childhood Halloweens!
The sun has finally set on this magical night, a crisp breeze blowing the leaves about the yard. The comforting scent of pumpkin pie mingles with a rush of cinnamon as you bite down on a cinnamon hard candy. Fully costumed, excitement running high, the bewitching hour is nearly upon you and the anticipation of the night ahead fills you like electricity as you eagerly await the first trick-or-treaters. Halloween is finally here!
I love this scent, and not just because it is gloriously nostalgic, but because it is simply glorious, the perfect Halloween and Fall fragrance that isn't too earthy or too sweet. This scent throws like mad and can fill an entire room without even being lit!

-Autumn Equinox: The seasons begin to change and the days darken, but who can say goodbye to the Summer sun as it warms the falling Autumn Leaves, Earth returning to itself.. This is the perfect scent for those eagerly awaiting Fall, yet not quite ready to let go of summer. Cedarwood, sheer musk, autumnal lily, pumpkin, vanilla, pumpkin spices and lilac intermingle to create this uniquely beautiful scent. Beautiful scent throw hot or cold!

-Harvest Moon: Like a kiss of cinnamon, cloves, and sweet spice from the Harvest Moon on a cool, crisp, Autumn night. Perfect for gazing at Luna as she shines bright and red, so close to her beloved Earth. Great hot and cold scent throw.

-Autumn Bonfire: Crisp leaves on a cool, crisp Fall day. The scent of a comforting bonfire in Autumn as the season deepens and the days shorten. Grab a cup of cider, a good book, and gather round! Excellent hot and cold throw.

-Pumpkin Patch: It's October, and you know what that means! Time for picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! Traditional pumpkin pie spices mix with pumpkin, rum, orange peel, and vanilla, making way for a cinnamon bark finish. It's like having a cup of rum-spiked cider, topped with a cinnamon stick and paired with a good ol' slice of pumpkin pie! Great hot and cold throw.

-Autumn Spice: Buttery vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Just your familiar, comforting, go-to Autumn scent. Excellent hot and cold throw.

-Spicy Mulled Mead: Cloves, juicy, mulled apples, and subtle orange peel swirled with a cinnamon stick! Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to take a sip!

-Autumn Rain: The scent of rain as Mother Nature turns her skirts from Summer to Fall. Notes of orange, pine, vetiver, and birch mingle with light notes of ozone and autumn leaves, spices and a hint of bonfire. This is NOT your typical “rain-but-smells-more-like-floor-cleaner” scent. This is crisp, refreshing, and clear, and is the perfect scent for the changing of the season!

-Pumpkin Spice Latte: PSL may get a lot of bad press, but this isn't your typical coffee shop PSL here! Just don't try to drink the wax.. Aromatic coffee spiked with fresh milk, sugared maple, pumpkin spices, a HINT of warm butter, and topped with chocolate cream. Light this baby in the morning and you almost won't need your morning cup of java! Though you're definitely going to want it. ;)

The wax used in these candles is:
100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil.
All NATURAL and biodegradable.
Manufactured meeting FDA standards.
Kosher Certified.
NOT tested on animals.
Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
They contain NO animal products.
NO palm wax.
NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
NO toxic materials.
NO Genetically Modified Material.

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