Labradorite Rune Pendant

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Inspired slightly by Kili's rune stone from The Hobbit, a gorgeous, flashy, labradorite sits surrounded by runes of pure sterling silver. This pendant features a bezel settings of Elder Futhark runes that have been painstakingly hand-sawn from sterling to hug this beautiful gemstone. The protection rune Algiz is cutout from the base to allow the stone to flash through, as well as provide a secret detail about which only the wearer knows!

CHOOSE YOUR STONE! Your labradorite will vary, but you can choose the color. If you would prefer a different rune to be cut into the back, simply leave your instructions at checkout.

The runes featured on the piece:
-Tyr (Tiwaz)

** Leave your preferred chain length in the notes at checkout, otherwise NO chain will be provided. **

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