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These beautiful candles are entirely handmade from soy wax and specially blended fragrance oils and contain 1-2 pieces of premium, drilled quartz crystal that can be reused once removed from its waxen holdings! Every candle is hand-mixed and poured, and infused with cleansed, positively-charged quartz crystal points! These candles contain cotton wicks and absolutely no paraffin, toxic chemicals, or animal by-products. These candles are clean-burning and produce no soot. They are currently available in two sizes of crystal, and wax melts.

Large is 6" tall and nearly 3" wide.
Small is 3.5" tall and 2x3" wide.

-Krampus: Named after the Christmas devil of Germanic origin, this scent features Black Forest trees, succulent black currants, earthy moss, and hints of spicy clove, bergamot, and a bit of musk. Deep and woody, this scent is slightly masculine, but unlike its namesake it leaves you with a gift in its subtle, herbaceous sweetness, and ITS bite won't draw blood. Simply a gorgeous scent!

-Vinter Viking: If you asked me for a candle crafted with the scent of a super stacked viking chopping fresh trees in the deep woods, this is what I'd give to you! Snowy pine, Douglas fir, balsam, spruce, sandalwood, and musky cedar, combined with subtle notes of rosemary, orris, vetiver, spiced bay, and of course, leather. This'll keep you warm at night! Well, your hands at least.

-Wolf + Birch: Deep amongst the birch trees, at the heart of the forest lurks a lone wolf, its fur damp with fresh snow and its soul as wild as the warrior who tracks it. Scented with notes of earthy patchouli, musky vetiver, sweet bergamot, tonka beans, and geranium, the Wolf and the Vinter Viking play surprisingly well together.

-What the Dickens: Inspired by "A Christmas Carol" and holiday traditions of the Victorian era, What the Dickens is a gorgeous scent that brings to mind a fresh, warm pine tree strung with fruits, holly, and sprigs of fir. It has a tiny hint of cinnamon and a pleasantly musky finish that makes you want to curl up with a cup of mulled cider and crack open a good classic!

-Pfeffernüsse: Gloriously spicy and perfectly sweet, Pfeffernüsse is a mouthwatering combination of vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and spices for a scent that is as addictive as its namesake! They are my favorite holiday cookie, and it's a good thing that this one's calorie-free! Just don't actually eat it...

-Spicy Mulled Mead: Cloves, juicy, mulled apples, and subtle orange peel swirled with a cinnamon stick! Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to take a sip! Pairs deliciously with What the Dickens.

-Yule Log: Deep, woody, and smells exactly like a fresh wood fire. Oak-y and masculine with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, and a hint of saffron and cloves. Enjoy a Yule of without the need for a fireplace or cutting down a tree!

-Weihnachten in Bavaria: A refreshing blend of frosty, German trees, crisp mint, amber, lavender, spicy cypress, and smoky vetiver, Weihnachten in Bavaria is a clear, fresh scent sensual enough to makes the Alps blush!

-Black Christmas: A seriously unique scent that is both feminine and masculine, Black Christmas is a mysterious blend of coniferous forest trees, subtly sweet clementine, earthy patchouli, sandalwood, black currant, black pepper, and blackened oak.

-Winter Woods: A woody, masculine blend of coniferous winter trees and a warm, comforting musk. THIS is what hugging trees should smell like!

-Jul: Fresh and fragrant with hints of bergamot, violet, and sandalwood, Jul (Scandinavian for Yule) has a warm, comforting blend of balsam, pine, and earthy patchouli, and is reminiscent of a crackling holiday hearth.

-Scandinavian Winter: Fresh and calming like newly-fallen snow, this is a warm blend of deep lingonberry with botanical notes. Strong hot and cold throw, with the lingonberry taking the lead when burned.

-Winter Solstice: Another fresh and beautiful scent, this one evokes visions of crisp, snow-covered early morning, with delicious notes of forest trees. This will leave you wondering if you've stepped into a snowy wonderland, with tall pines and evergreens, and a pure mountain stream rushing just beyond. Great hot and cold throw.

The wax used in these candles is:
100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil.
All NATURAL and biodegradable.
Manufactured meeting FDA standards.
Kosher Certified.
NOT tested on animals.
Considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
They contain NO animal products.
NO palm wax.
NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
NO toxic materials.
NO Genetically Modified Material.

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